Sacred Grocery

In this section, explore grocery products in different categories, add them to the grocery cart, and observe how product pricing changes as currencies relationships change.

Exchange Rates

In this section, explore how different forms of currency relate to each other and design the parameters of new currencies.

Gift Economy Units (GEU), are credits earned in service to one's community. Commons-Backed Currency (CCU) is a currency backed by the value of a community's natural resources. Below, use the sliders to change the relationship between old and new currencies, and to design the parameters of the new currencies. Learn more about how this currency design will affect day-to-day shopping experiences in


1 USD is worth 25 GEU

1 hour of childcare is worth 250 GEU

1 hour of lending a power tool is worth 150 GEU

1 homecooked meal is worth 100 GEU


1 USD is worth 25 CCU

1 polluted acre of Middlesex Fells is worth 300 CCU

1 polluted acre of Blue Hills Reservation is worth 350 CCU

1 polluted gallon of the Charles River is worth 25 CCU


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